Like many sports car manufacturers, Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin manufactured a racing car on an Isotta Fraschini chassis to go racing in 1908. They took up “Aston” from the Aston Clinton Hillclimb race, and “Martin” from Lionel’s name, to set up Aston Martin in 1913. While building racing cars on different chassis, they experienced financial difficulties, like many other companies. Lionel Martin resigned and began to manufacture bicycles. In 1926, Cesare Bertelli and his partners acquired the company and changed the name to Aston Martin Motors. In 1947, the industrialist David Brown purchased the company after seeing a “Profitable business for sale” notice, and then purchased Lagonda, to bring the company to its current state.

Introduced in 1958, the DB4 was launched with its “Superleggera” (English mean “Super Light”) aluminum body panels, in a body manufactured by the Italian Carrozzeria Touring. After this date all Aston Martin models had DB (David Brown) descriptions.

Aston Martins were all hand-built. The first DBS two-seater, with left-hand drive and touring body, was displayed at the London Motor Show in 1966. With only two cars manufactured, this car was succeeded by the renowned British designer William Towns’ 2+2 model in 1967. Built on the DB6 chassis, but 4.48 inch wider and with a 1.18 inch longer wheelbase, and with the same 6-cylinder engine, the Aston Martin featured a De Dion axle for the rear suspension. The disc-type rear brakes were mounted close to the differential to reduce the suspension’s unsprung weight from 286 lbs to 176 lbs. Overall, however, the car was 293 lbs heavier than the DB6. 830 DBS cars were built, 405 of which carried a V8 engine.


  • Make Aston Martin
  • Model DBS
  • Model / Body Number Series 1
  • Body Style Fastback Coupe
  • Year 1970
  • Origin England
  • Production Total 405
  • Passenger Capacity 4


  • Engine Aston Martin V8, DOHC, Gasoline, 326.8 cu. inch, 315 bhp, 5500 rpm, Bosch injection
  • Bore x Stroke 3.94 x 3.35 inch
  • Transmission Manual (ZF), 5-speed, synchro, floor shift
  • Top Speed 158 mph
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph, 5.9 s
  • Body / Frame Steel, uni-body construction
  • Suspension Front Twin wishbones, coil springs, shock absorbers
    Rear De Dion axle, trailing links, coil springs, shock absorbers
  • Electrical System 12 Volt, 96 Ampere
  • Brakes Hydraulic, servo, 4-wheels disc
  • Wheelbase 102.75 inch
  • Overall Length 180.5 inch
  • Overall Width 72 inch
  • Overall Height 52.25 inch
  • Shipping Weight 3807 lbs
  • Front / Rear Tread 59 inch / 59 inch
  • Tires 225 / 70 HR 15