The most expensive luxury sports model of its year, the ‘58 Eldorado Biarritz was introduced with slight modifications, using more chrome, to the 1957 body style.

Offered with a standard engine delivering 310 bhp, and with three optional “Q-version” power units with 2-barrel carburetors, available power increased to 335 bhp at 4800 rpm. The 364 cu.in. 365 V8 Q-version was the standard engine for Eldorados.

The greatest mechanical optional feature of Cadillac that year was air-suspension system. This system very effectively softened the automobile’s ride, providing amazing comfort. However, most Cadillac owners found that their cars’ air pads “kneeling on his chassis” due to air discharge from the system, so the system was deleted from industry in 1961.

With a rear-end design completely different from other Cadillacs, featuring a sporty look, the Eldorado Biarritz included automatic transmission as well as power brakes and power steering as standard equipment. It also offered a soft top as option which could close automatically in rainy weather.

The market research and tests conducted by car magazines in 1958 showed that, of the most respected premium brands, namely Lincoln, Cadillac and Imperial, 1958 Cadillacs were the most silent, most economical and most valuable vehicles in the market. Named after the Spanish word “El Dorado”, meaning “the Gilded One”, this Eldorado Biarritz was purchased at an auction in Florida. The first owner of this automobile was an American farmer family, who used the Cadillac as security for bank loans when the crop yield wasn’t good. Furthermore, it was used as the lead vehicle in city parades, and so features an original ceremonial seat.


  • Make Cadillac
  • Model Series 62 Eldorado Special
  • Model / Body Number 58E-62 / 6267SX
  • Body Style Biarritz Convertible
  • Year 1958
  • Origin U.S.A.
  • Production Total 815
  • Passenger Capacity 6


  • Engine Cadillac 365 V8, OHV, Gasoline, 364.4 cu. inch, 3×2-barrel, 335 bhp, 4800 rpm
  • Bore x Stroke 4 x 3.62 inch
  • Transmission Automatic (Hydra-Matic, Jetaway), 3-speed, column shift
  • Top Speed 119 mph
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph, 11.1 s
  • Body / Frame Steel, Fisher / Steel, X-type, tubular section
  • Suspension Front Independent, coil springs, shock absorbers
  • Rear Coil springs, shock absorbers
  • Electrical System 12 Volt, 68 Ampere
  • Brakes Hydraulic, 4-wheels drum
  • Wheelbase 129.5 inch
  • Overall Length 223.4 inch
  • Overall Width 80 inch
  • Overall Height 58inch
  • Shipping Weight 5070 lbs
  • Front / Rear Tread 61 inch / 61 inch
  • Tires 8.20 x 15