In February 1949, Dodge introduced Coronet with a new body as the second series of the year, the first time, with six different models. In 1965, the Coronet and its luxury version the Coronet 500 were reintroduced as Dodge’s middle series, though the name Coronet was dropped in 1976, after 11 years. The 1970 Coronet 500 in our Museum was produced in this second period. The Coronet series is known as the big Dodges.

The Coronet was introduced with distinct modifications to the 1969 body. The front bumper is split in two, inspired by a bee’s wings, and surround the grill like a frame, giving the car the look of

a beetle. The delta-shaped taillights, similar to the front, allowed this model of Coronet to be easily distinguished from the 1969 models.

The Coronet’s body is 3-inch longer than the previous year, at 209.2 inch. The standard engine was the 6-cylinder 225 cu.in. “Slant Six”. The standard V8 was the 318 cu.in. 230 bhp engine in this convertible. There were another six V8 engine options. The most muscular Coronet, the

“Super Bee”, used its unique 335 bhp 383 V8 Magnum as its standard engine.

Dodge again used the “uni-body” technique, where the chassis and the body are integrated, which had been used since 1960. With 543,019 sold and 7.07% of the market, Dodge that year took the eighth place as in 1949, when the Coronet was first introduced. Stripes on body sides, were not original features. Our Coronet 500 Convertible is in Light Blue Metallic, one of 18 solid color options. In total, 15,497 Coronet 500s were sold in 1970: convertibles accounted for 924 numbers in what was their last year. The car sold for 3,188 Dollars.


  • Make Dodge
  • Model Coronet 500
  • Model / Body Number WP 27 / 27
  • Body Style Convertible
  • Year 1970
  • Origin U.S.A.
  • Production Total 924
  • Passenger Capacity 5


  • Engine Chrysler LA 318 V8, OHV, Gasoline, 318 cu. inch, 2-barrel, 230 bhp, 4400 rpm
  • Bore x Stroke 3.91 x 3.31 inch
  • Transmission Automatic (TorqueFlite), 3-speed, column shift
  • Top Speed 111 mph
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph, 10.2 s
  • Body / Frame Steel, uni-body construction
  • Suspension Front Torsion bars, ball joints, shock absorbers
    Rear Asymmetrical leaf springs, shock absorbers
  • Electrical System 12 Volt, 48 Ampere
  • Brakes Hydraulic, 4-wheels drum
  • Wheelbase 117 inch
  • Overall Length 209.7 inch
  • Overall Width 76.7 inch
  • Overall Height 54.7 inch
  • Shipping Weight 3373 lbs
  • Front / Rear Tread 59.7 inch / 59.2 inch
  • Tires G 78 x 14 Fiberglass Belted