Ford’s Model T, commonly known as the “Tin Lizzie”, was produced for 19 years, between 1908 and 1927, with no significant design innovations. In that period 15,484,781 numbers were built. This was the automobile that introduced the still-current three-pedal system to millions of drivers around the world.

In 1896, Henry Ford manufactured his first automobile, dubbed the “Quadricycle”, to drive on the streets of Detroit. He manufactured 14,887 automobiles in the eleven years to 1907. Production of the Ford Models K, N, R and S ended in 1908, when Ford started producing the Model T. This was the car that set in motion the idea of building a car for the masses, manufactured with the highest quality materials and the most skilled workers, at a very low price so as to be affordable to all people.Famously manufactured only in black, Model T Fords had many nicknames. Studies to improve it began in 1926, and the mass production system was improved and automated. As a response to the public’s demand for a more modern car, production of a colored Model T was initiated. A touring model, made only in dark blue and dark brown, featured a front door on the driver’s side in this year for the first time since 1911. It continued to use the L-4 engine which was decreased from 22 bhp to 20 bhp after modification in 1912. Model Ts were seen and loved by movie fans in almost all Laurel and Hardy’s motion pictures of the early 1900s. The Model T was eventually replaced by the Model A in 1927.

This 1926 Model T was purchased by the Ataman Museum from the United States of America. It underwent comprehensive restoration in Turkey.


  • Make Ford
  • Model  T
  • Body Style 4-Door Touring
  • Year 1926
  • Origin U.S.A.
  • Production Total  364,409
  • Passenger Capacity 5


  • Engine Ford, 4 cyl, Inline, Gasoline, L-Head, 176.7 cu. inch, 20 bhp, 1600 rpm
  • Bore x Stroke 3.75 x 4.00 inch
  • Transmission Planetary System, 2-speed
  • Top Speed 45 mph
  • Body / Frame Steel / Steel, U-Section
  • Suspension Front, Rear Transverse leaf springs
  • Electrical System 6 Volt, 105 Ampere
  • Brakes Drum, rear only
  • Wheelbase 100 inch
  • Overall Length 134 inch
  • Overall Width 66.4 inch
  • Overall Height 86.1 inch
  • Shipping Weight 1738 lbs
  • Front / Rear Tread 56 inch / 56 inch
  • Tires 30 x 3 ½ Balloon