The German Sachs engine factory’s motorcycle brand, Hercules started production in 1904. Established in 1886 in Schweinfurt near Würzburg, Sachs is one of the oldest engine companies. When founded, Sachs manufactured bearings, motorcycle engines and bicycle parts. In addition to the Hercules brand purchased in 1904, it sold engines for 20 other models. When the factory was bombed during World War II, production of engines and motorcycles was halted until 1950.

Restarting production that year with 6 cu.in. Sachs and 7.6 cu.in. ILO engines, Hercules later began to export 6 and 15.2 cu.in. Twin ILO engines. As a result of financial problems in the late 1950s, the firm became part of Zweirad Union in 1966. Three years later, it was purchased by Fichtel & Sachs. Sachs became the greatest two-stroke engine producer in Europe in the

1950-1960 period. Hercules, in addition to many small Mopeds and Scooters, utilized the engines.

In 1970, it became the first company to export a motorcycle with a Wankel rotary engine with the W 2000 model. It recovered its financial situation thanks to the high number of motorcycles using 7.6 cu.in. Sachs engines purchased by the German army and American consumers.

The motorcycle sold to the army was the model K 125 BW Military (Bundeswehr / Federal German Armed Forces), and it is a 1975 example of this model in our Museum. Designed and first produced in 1969, this crossover-style military terrain model has a 7.5 cu.in. 12 bhp engine. With its single-cylinder, air-cooled Sachs engine, this motorcycle can reach 58 mph speed while carrying 297.5 lbs. The first version in our Museum remained in production with the same design until 1980. The original colors of the K 125 were khaki and Saharan Beige. The model remained in production until 1989.


  • Make Hercules
  • Model Krad K 125 BW
  • Model / Body Number V1
  • Body Style Military, Off-Road Bike
  • Year 1975
  • Origin Germany
  • Rider Capacity 2


  • Engine Fichtel & Sachs 125 1/5B, Single, Gasoline, two stroke, air cooled, 7.5 cu. inch, 12.5 bhp, 7000 rpm
  • Bore x Stroke 2.12 x 2.12 inch
  • Transmission Manual, 5-speed, foot shift
  • Top Speed 58.4 mph
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph, 15.9 s
  • Fuel System Carburetor, Bing
  • Primary Drive Pedal
  • Final Drive Chain
  • Frame Steel, double cradle, tubular
  • Suspension Front Twin shock absorber
    Rear Twin shock absorber, swingarm
  • Electrical System 6 Volt, 12 Ampere, 35/35 Watt
  • Brakes 2-wheels drum
  • Wheelbase 50.9 inch
  • Overall Length 80.1 inch
  • Overall Width 36.6 inch
  • Saddle Height 31.8 inch
  • Ground Clearance 8.3 inch
  • Shipping Weight 297 lbs
  • Tires
    Front 3.25 x 18
    Rear  3.50 x 18