Morris Garage moved to its new building in Abingdon, Oxfordshire in 1930, where it would continue production for 50 years, and decided to build small sports cars. Using a lowered suspension of Morris Minor’s chassis and 52 cu.in. OHC engine. Fabric used body panels to reduce weight instead of Morris Minor’s metal and the first MG Midget was introduced in 1929. Followed by the 4-passenger, metal body panel D-Type Midget in 1932. The same year, the 2-passenger roadster and 4-passenger metal roof J-Type were manufactured.

The “T” Series was introduced in 1936 with the “TA” model using Morris 10’s 78.7 cu.in. engine. The TA was replaced briefly in 1939 by the TB Midget, using the new Morris 10 engine, the XPAG, enlarged to 76 cu.in. and delivering 54 bhp.

Built after the war as a repetition of the pre-war model, the MG TC Midget pioneered the introduction of small sports cars by selling in high numbers in the United States of America. The TC was introduced in 1945, effectively as a pre-war TB with make-ups. With the same but 54.5 bhp 76 cu.in. 4-cylinder XPAG engine and the right side driven only, the car was produced up to 1949, with a total output of 10,002 numbers, 2,001 of them sold to America. At the end of 1949 the MG TD was introduced. It boasted a completely different structure, though retaining the traditional appearance of MGs, featuring a rugged and reliable rigid chassis with welded box sections. With steel wheels, bumpers, a larger body, and the same engine with output increased to 57 bhp,

29,665 TDs left Abingdon in the period to late 1953, when it was replaced by the TF. Only 149 were produced with the steering wheel on the left. This amazingly entertaining automobile can currently be purchased for 26,000 Dollars in the United States.


  • Make MG
  • Model TD
  • Model / Body Number Midget
  • Body Style Roadster
  • Year 1950
  • Origin England
  • Production Total 29,665
  • Passenger Capacity 2


  • Engine MG XPAG, 4 cyl, In-line, OHV, Gasoline, 76.3 cu. inch, 57 bhp, 5200 rpm, 2 carburetors
  • Bore x Stroke 2.62 x 3.54 inch
  • Transmission Manual, 4-speed, synchro, floor shift
  • Top Speed 75 mph
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph, 20.6 s
  • Body / Frame Steel, open two-seater / Steel, box section, ladder shape, tubular cross-member
  • Suspension Front Independent, double-wishbones, coil springs, shock absorbers
  • Rear Leaf springs, shock absorbers
  • Electrical System 12 Volt, 60 Ampere
  • Brakes Hydraulic, 4-wheels drum
  • Wheelbase 94 inch
  • Overall Length 145 inch
  • Overall Width 58.62 inch
  • Overall Height 53 inch
  • Shipping Weight 2015 lbs
  • Front / Rear Tread 47.37 inch / 50 inch
  • Tires 5.50 x 15